Food Philosophy Educators- Our Milk


Sourcing milk that is local and free of added growth hormones

Most of our consumers know that we are committed to sourcing milk that is local and free of added growth hormones, but many wonder where our milk comes from. You may be surprised that it comes from Prairie Farms, located in Edwardsville, Illinois, just 274 miles from Chicago. Not only do we get our milk from Prairie Farms, we get our yogurt, sour cream, cottage cream and ice cream mix too. 

Prairie Farm cows are not only adorable but extremely healthy too. The dairy cows receive specialized diets of forage and grains, often times customized by animal nutritionists. When not milking, the cows can be found in their own version of paradise- relaxing in a barn with fresh bedding or in the pasture with access to plenty of clean water and food.

All farmers are to follow the Prairie Farms Cow Care Program. This program provides guidelines for farmers to follow for every calf and cow on their farm. The farmers are evaluated at least once every three years and provide feedback on how they’re doing by veterinarians, extension educators, university personnel and field staff members. These evaluations provide farmers with the information they need to develop action plans for continuous improvements.

What happens when a cow gets sick and needs antibiotics? The farmers are to follow strict withdraw periods to ensure all antibiotics are out of the cow’s system prior to using the milk. The milk is always tested prior to leaving the farm to ensure a quality, safe product ends up in our consumers' hands. Since 2008, Prairie Farms has adhered to a no-added hormones policy.

Learn more about our milk and the cows it comes from at Prairie Farms.