6 Foods to Fight the Common Cold and Flu

It’s the dead of winter and temperatures outside do not seem to be getting any warmer. In addition to shoveling snow, scraping off our cars, and baring these frigid conditions, we also have to worry about not getting the dreaded flu.

Here’s the thing: the winter weather is never in our favor when it comes to enhanced immune health. In fact, some research suggests that the cold air from the outdoors in addition to the dry air from indoor heating systems, actually contribute to the sustained sneeze and cough droplets we expel into the air. That’s right. These little droplets live longer in these conditions, allowing them to infect more people.

Thankfully, there are multiple ways to combat the common cold or flu. Specifically, the foods we consume can greatly enhance our immune systems. Read on below for a list of foods to help ward off your cold so you can stay healthy (but still freezing) this winter!

Yogurt – the probiotics in yogurt provide your gut with good bacteria. Gut health is linked to immunity and healthy digestion

Salmon – the omega-3 fatty acids in salmon fight inflammation and provide an abundance of nutrients

Garlic – garlic contains allicin which is a compound that can fight bacteria and infection

Sweet potato – full of vitamin A, sweet potatoes will play a role in keeping infections from entering your body

Turmeric – this “superfood” is rich in antioxidants and is a natural anti-inflammatory

Chicken Soup – “your mother’s medicine” will soothe your throat, keep you hydrated, and raise the temperature of your body allowing mucosal secretions to loosen and drain

Comment below and tell us what food items you eat to combat the common cold and flu!